Where Have I Been?

Dear readers,

Hello, is anyone out there?! I’ve taken a short hiatus as style.stargirl; things have been a little manic for me over the last few months. From college applications, apartment moving, running a non-profit organization and receiving a global ambassador award,  I feel as though I’ve had to neglect my blog. But I’m ready to jump back into the blogosphere and share fashion tips with all of you. But first let me tell you what I’ve been up to…

In the past I have mentioned the non-profit organization that I co-founded, Girls Advocating Leadership & Strength Inc. – or in short, GALS (Shameless Plug – check us out at http://www.galsnyc.org or http://www.facebook.com/galsnyc). In the beginning of my junior year in high school, I’ve been working on getting GALS up-and-running with my friend and co-founder Lily. In my school and area, there is a meager number of resources for ambitious young females to start their own projects or even improve their self-confidence. In response to the gender gap and lack of resources available to young females looking to hone their leadership skills, GALS supports female leadership positions in business. My primary mission is to encourage and empower young women in these pursuits with a series of educational and professional events, workshops, and symposiums.

GALS has made strides in the local and global community. By hosting symposiums in NYC and expanding chapters through youth activists across the nation, I have been able to reach out to previously underserved populations in order to encourage young female executive pursuits in business, politics, and law. In late August, I hosted the GALS Summer Symposium, a full-day symposium in Times Square. The event was filled with a panel of successful female businesswomen and politicians and a game-changing series of leadership and public speaking seminars and female empowerment workshops.


After the success of that event, I’m working tirelessly to create more events and empower more girls.

But speaking of overwhelming, I was also awarded the Global Kindness Ambassador Award sponsored by GenerationOn. From creating Rules of Kindness to engaging my local community in self-created service projects, I am faced with so much to do yet so little time.

As a high school senior, I’m taking three AP classes, which are challenging and consist of a tough workload. On top of that, I am faced with the herculean task of college applications. As an indecisive 16-year old, I need to plan out my entire future in a span of a few months. Isn’t it insane how all the hard work I’ve done and everything I’ve invested into my education have to be compressed into a single online portal?  I pride myself in having a strong sense of self, yet I can’t seem to narrow down my thoughts into 650 words.

Like I said, my smorgasbord of activities and commitments seem to be all over the place. But, this blog is my space and I want to continue producing creative content for those of you who want to read about it. style.stargirl allows me to be completely honest with myself and with you, without holding back. If you can learn any tips or relate to even one of my posts, I’ve reached my goal. Keep a look out for new fashion posts soon!

Signing off,

Sheryl C. ❤