Style.Stargirl takes on Universal Studios Islands of Adventure (Day 3)


First, we went back to the Orlando side and took the Hogwarts Express from Kings Cross Station (Platform 9 and 3/4s) to Hogsmeade Station. After a cool window experience on the train, we promptly arrived on the Islands of Adventure side.


First, my brother and I rode on the Dragon Challenge rollercoaster. From the 4th Book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, we had the choice of riding the RED Chinese Fireball or BLUE Hungarian Horntail. Of course, we had to go on both. Luckily, they were very similar; the only thing different was the color of the rollercoaster. This ride didn’t have many drops, and instead, mostly loops, which I enjoyed immensely.

Right next to that was a smaller, traditional wooden rollercoaster (Flight of the Hippogriff) which was a relaxing break from the crazy rush of adrenaline from the previous two rollercoasters.

That afternoon, we ventured our way to the “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” simulation ride. I didn’t think anything could beat the Dragon Challenge rollercoaster, but this ride sure did! With the fast pass, I only waited on line for 10 minutes before entering a 4-D simulation of Hogwarts classrooms and a Quidditch match. I came out of that ride, MINDBLOWN!



After spending a few hours in the Hogsmeade part of the Wizarding World, we left to go into Marvel Super Hero Island. There, we went on the sky-high “Doctor Doom’s Fearfall”, a ride that involves dropping you 200 feet from the sky. But lo and behold, it was not scary one bit. The ride dropped you a little bit at a time, and since it was over so quickly, I couldn’t experience that feeling of anticipation and consternation.

Overall, these three days at the adventure parks were super fun. I’ve been stressing out lately, as any Junior would be, so this was the perfect break to ride rollercoasters, get away from the cold winter, and spend time with family. No matter if you have a family or you are my age, Disney World and Orlando Studios will always be the happiest place on Earth.




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Sheryl C. ❤


Style.Stargirl takes on Universal Studios (Day 2)

On the second day of our trip, we ventured into Universal Studios. Greeted by a crowded (slightly claustrophobic) atmosphere of kids, teens, and adults swarming into City Walk, I was a bit overwhelmed. City Walk is the entrance (full of restaurants and shops) into Universal Studios’s 2 parks: Universal Studios Orlando and Universal’s Islands of Adventures. Day 2 consisted of exploring Universal Studios Orlando.

Walking into Universal Studios Orlando was like going back in time into my favorite classic movies. On my left was Marilyn Monroe in her iconic white dress; to the right was Scooby Doo and Shaggy. In front, was a parade of various characters and creatures, such as Dora and monkeys swinging on vines. After snapping some photos, we finally made our way into the park’s hull.



Here’s Tip #1: Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. If you have flat feet like me, bring Dr. Scholl’s footpads. The parks combined, let alone by themselves, required extensive walking. And waiting in lines can take up to 70 minutes, like the Despicable Me ride. If you are riding rollercoasters, wear shoes that you can tie up. Unfortunately, I wore slip-on Vans that almost fell off on the rides!

First, we walked down to Harry Potter World: Diagon Alley. Knowing the reputation of the J.K. Rowling series and judging from the massive mob of tourists, I’m pretty sure this was the most crowded area of the park. Everything from the books and movies were recreated phenomenally. For example, Ollivander’s Wand Shop, Honey Dukes Candy Store, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, Gringotts Bank, just to name a few.

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Before this trip, I had heard so much about Butterbeer, Gilly Water, Chocolate Frogs, and Bertie’s Every Flavour Beans. But if I had to rate it, I’d give Butterbeer a 6/10. It was sweet (like made from treacles), but too frothy and fizzy in texture (like soda). I did, however, enjoy the Jellybeans because it’s just fun to see which flavor you get, from watermelon to soap. For lunch, I ordered the Toad in a Hole (which was a sausage in pudding) from the Leaky Cauldron.



The Gringotts Bank ride was one of the first “simulation rollercoaster” rides that we rode, and it did not disappoint. The normally tedious 35-minute wait on the line was sidetracked by the realistically Medieval architecture. The simulation was super cool. Basically, you are seated into a cart with a few other people, and experience 4-D sensation of twirls, loops, drops, fire, wind, water droplets, spins, etc. It was a great 5-minute ride.


Throughout the park, there are many of these types of rides, such as the Simpson’s Ride, Transformers, Shrek, Despicable Me, Revenge of the Mummy, etc. I loved Revenge of the Mummy, because it was an indoor rollercoaster that rode backwards.

Two rides, E.T. and The Terminator, underwhelmed me mostly because I haven’t seen those movies. This brings me to Tip #2: Make sure to educate yourself prior to visiting. Immerse yourself in these movies, so you understand the references on rides and shows.

I also didn’t really like Men in Black either, because I was moving at 5 mph, just shooting “aliens”.

I am a crazy rollercoaster enthusiast, so the “Rock It” Rollercoaster definitely appealed to me. It was awesome, not only because it goes 50 mph, but also because you can choose the song you listen to on the ride. Once you get properly seated, you have the choice of genre and song to accompany you on this thrilling ride. Since the selection was limited, I went with the first song I saw, U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer. This was the appropriate song for such an exhilarating ride. Luckily, we had purchased the Express Pass or else the wait would’ve been 40 minutes.

Tip #3: Make sure to purchase an Express Pass beforehand, unless you are a patient person who doesn’t mind waiting hours in line. Originally, we would’ve had to wait 70 minutes for Despicable Me, but instead the wait was around 10-15.

Similar to Disney World, there are an abundance of shows and parades. We saw Fear Factor Live, which as you can imagine, was just that. They had volunteers come 70 minutes prior to the show, and prepped them for what they would throw at the contestants.

For example, one participant had 5 scorpions dropped on his face – I really couldn’t believe my eyes! In another instance, 2 guys tossed octopi into buckets, climbed ladders, jumped on cars, and “blew up” the set.


That’s all that we did that day, and then we headed back to our resort. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on Islands of Adventure!



Off the Shoulder Top: Zara (scored it for $15!)

Black Jeans: H&M

White Vans

Cap: Adidas

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac

Necklace: Forever 21

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Sheryl C. ❤

Style.Stargirl takes on Disney World (Day 1)

During mid-winter break, my mom booked a week long trip for herself, my brother, and I to visit Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Let me tell you: I needed this vacation badly (the overwhelming stress of Junior year and don’t even get me started on NYC winters. On Valentine’s Day, temperatures dropped below 0°F, breaking a 65-year record!) Of course, the only downside about leaving the Big Apple was missing New York Fashion Week, but there’s always next year.

During our stay in Disney World, we stayed at the grand “Pup Culture” Resort. I’m pretty sure Orlando is only famous for its theme parks, so there were literally a myriad of hotels surrounding ours.

Since this was my fourth time there, I definitely wanted to see a different theme park (I had already gone to Magic Kingdom and Epcot). On our first day, we visited Hollywood Studios. If you know me, you know that I am a fervent roller coaster fanatic. However, Hollywood Studios didn’t have too many thrill rides, besides Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. And on top of that, the lines for both of these rides were both around 1.5 hours long.

Of course, when you visit Disney, you cannot miss out on its variety of shows. We got a behind-the-scenes look at how the actors of Indiana Jones used stunt doubles and how vehicle action sequences are created for films, like Lightning McQueen.

Other attractions included, Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard, inspired by the originals in California. This made me want to visit California even more! One of the rides, called The Great Movie Ride, was an indoor ride paying homage to several old classic films, including Singin’ in the Rain, The Wizard of Oz, and Star Wars.

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After seeing the new Star Wars movie, I have grown to really respect the culture and community that George Lucas has created. There were many Star Wars attractions in the park, such as a whole museum dedicated to the series and even StormTroopers walking around the park. At around 8 PM, there was a magnificent Star Wars themed firework show. I cannot even use words to explain it, so here are some photos:


What I wore to the theme park:


Pink Jacket: Gap Factory

Jeans: Gap Factory

White T-Shirt: Zara

Slip-ons: Vans

Crossbody: Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC

Aviators: Forever 21

Bar Necklace: Forever 21

*P.S. The Band-aid on my face is because I burnt myself with a curling iron. LOL*

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post about Universal Studios!

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Sheryl C. ❤

A Chic Night Out

Recently, I bought a camel colored sweater vest from Forever 21, hoping it would look like this (as it was on the model):

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.22.50 PM.png

Unfortunately, it ended up looking like a sack of potatoes (matched the color, too) on me. Since I couldn’t return it, I had to figue out a nicer way to style it.

Leather always adds a bit of edge to any sweater, so I threw on my new green leather jacket. I finished the look with black jeans, a pair of pointed metallic flats, and my new Rebecca Minkoff mini mac.


Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Not only was the sweater vest warm, but the whole outfit created a “city chic” feel.

Outfit details:

Jacket: Forever 21

Sweater Vest: Forever 21

Pointed Flats: Old Navy (2 years ago)

Black Pants: H&M

Crossbody Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac in Camel

Hope you all enjoyed!

Signing off,

Sheryl C. ❤

How to Style a Statement Necklace

Hey lovelies!

As you may know, statement necklaces have always been in style to dress up a basic white tee. Whether it is a brightly beaded, layered pearl, or a blinged out necklace, they are sure to turn heads. And even though the holiday season is over, you can still dress up an everyday outfit with some bling around your neck.

I paired this stunning ‘Jess’ necklace with neutral colors to let the bling speak for itself. My silver oxfords additionally compliment the sparkly necklace. Finally, I topped the look off with some red lips.

Jess Necklace: Mirina Collections

Plaid Shirt: UNIQLO  (similar one here:

Black Jeans: H&M

Oxfords: Delias

Matte Lipstick: Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick in Brilliant Bordeaux


I am happy to say that I am a Mirina Girls Brand Ambassador, so to get 20% off sitewide, you can use my coupon code: mirinagirls at

Mirina Girls not only makes amazing, intricate necklaces but also sell sunglasses, rings, and earrings. Being a statement necklace collector myself, I own a bunch from Forever 21 and H&M. Unlike these brands, however, necklaces from MG resemble those from J.Crew at a fraction of the price with my coupon code. While a Forever 21 necklace breaks and rusts easily, Mirina Girls’s handcrafted pieces will last a lifetime.

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Sheryl C. ❤

P.S. I recently chopped off 5 inches of hair and added layers. What do you guys think? Tell me in the comments below!