Traveling to Santorini, Greece

To start off the new year, I decided to change up my blog from purely fashion to travel as well! Traveling is one of my passions because I love experiencing new cultures, food, and history. Winter is the perfect time to start planning summer vacations because of the early-bird deals. So today, I will be sharing a few tips for tourists in Santorini. My family and I visited there in the summer of 2014 and we had quite an experience; here’s an excerpt from my journal:

“We took the road less traveled in Santorini. Walking down 600 zigzag cobblestone steps in the blistering summer heat was like a bad race in Mario Kart. Because the donkeys’ metal hooves scratched the surface of the rocks, they became slippery. The inexperienced tourists riding the wild donkeys had zero control and left them running in random directions, bumping everything in their way… Before I even knew what was happening, my dad was on the ground fumbling for his glasses and brushing off the black dirt from his jeans. His arms were gushing with blood and his knee began to swell. A burly Greek man quickly rushed over and asked if we needed help – for €5.”

I think this pretty much summarized our eventful day in Santorini.

  1. If you are visiting Greece in the summertime, bring lots of sunscreen and water! This and Puerto Rico are by far the hottest countries I’ve visited. The museums and churches don’t provide air-conditioning, either. Because of the rural climate, there is a lot of walking up and down stairs. Exercise combined with heat is not the best condition to be in.
  2. Take the cable car instead of the footpath down to the docks. After climbing up a bunch of stairs to take photos, we ended up being very far from our cruise ship. We had the choice of waiting in a long line for a cable car or to walk down a donkey footpath. We took the wrong path; the cobblestone steps were super slippery even with sneakers; inexperienced tourist didn’t know how to properly ride donkeys; there was also a lot of donkey waste everywhere. As a result, my dad got knocked down by a herd of violent donkeys; luckily he didn’t break anything. This is a warning because the donkey owners don’t control the donkeys at all.

*Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures of donkeys because the donkeys also knocked out our camera.

  1. Wait to find a small, secluded shop rather than buy something in the streets full of vendors. Usually, the more crowded and packed shops inflate the prices of magnets and post-cards. If you go to a smaller shop located farther away, you’re likely to find the best deals.
  2. Lastly, enjoy the view! Santorini is noted for its tourism because of its white houses, blue domes, and blue Aegean Sea. All you need is one day to tour Santorini because of its small area.

Enjoy these photos I captured on my trip:

a beautiful sunset from the cruise ship


I hope this gave you some tips and tricks for your trip to Santorini!

Signing off,

Sheryl C. ❤