What I’m Loving – January Edition

1. Anything Turtle-neck!

When I was little, my mother used to dress me in tight turtlenecks all the time – and I absolutely DESPISED it. However, now that I’ve grown accustomed to infinity scarfs and necklaces, I love how turtlenecks keep you warm and looking put-together at the same time. There isn’t a need to wear a scarf anymore. Just throw on a turtleneck sweater and you’re good to go!

turtleneckturtleneck sweater 1

2. Ripped Denim Jeans

Ripped jeans have been all the rage since summertime, and it’s no wonder why. Being extremely versatile, if you’re style is edgy or classic, they are easy to style. If you’re not sure what your style is, don’t fret; pair you’re jeans with a basic white t-shirt and some cute accessories, and you’ll be turning heads instantly.

3. Eyebrows on Fleek

I know the whole bold eyebrow look has been popular for a long time, but I never found the best eyebrow pencil/powder for me. I’ve tried the LORAC pencil and Anastasia brow palette, but when I discovered the Elizabeth Arden Natural Eye Brow Pencil, I instantly fell in love. It’s great for my brows because I have thin, fine hairs. You also don’t have to sharpen it because it comes in a twistable pencil (with an added grooming brush on the opposite end).

elizabeth arden brow pencil.jpg

4. Bold Berry Lips

As a girl with warm skin tones, nude lips look absolutely terrible on me. If you’re in a similar boat, opt for red or berry hues. They make brown or hazel eyes pop! Especially in winters where you’re bundled up in neutral clothes, bold lips can really make an outfit stand out.

MAC Rebel Lipstick.jpg

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.18.44 PM.png

5. Basic Tees and Long-sleeves

I love buying soft, simple tees from Urban Outfitters, Zara, and even Forever 21. Not only are they affordable, but investing in a good-quality shirt is essential for every woman’s closet. You can dress them down with a pair of black leggings and Vans, or dress them up with black skinny jeans, ankle boots, and a leather jacket. They are so versatile and easy to style!


So that concludes today’s blog post. I hope you got an idea of my January favorites.

Signing off,

Sheryl C. ❤

Cute and Comfy Outfit for Running Errands

When I envision a comfy outfit, sneakers always come to mind. I especially love these Nike Free 5.0 Shoes because they add that element of a “chic working Manhattan mom”. I just paired some GAP leggings with this chunky cable-knit sweater, and threw a J.Crew Herringbone vest over the top. To be hassle-free, I also used my Michael Kors Jet Set Logo Cross-body purse. And I was off to do some weekend errands!


What is your idea of a comfy outfit?

Signing off,

Sheryl C. ❤

Traveling to Santorini, Greece

To start off the new year, I decided to change up my blog from purely fashion to travel as well! Traveling is one of my passions because I love experiencing new cultures, food, and history. Winter is the perfect time to start planning summer vacations because of the early-bird deals. So today, I will be sharing a few tips for tourists in Santorini. My family and I visited there in the summer of 2014 and we had quite an experience; here’s an excerpt from my journal:

“We took the road less traveled in Santorini. Walking down 600 zigzag cobblestone steps in the blistering summer heat was like a bad race in Mario Kart. Because the donkeys’ metal hooves scratched the surface of the rocks, they became slippery. The inexperienced tourists riding the wild donkeys had zero control and left them running in random directions, bumping everything in their way… Before I even knew what was happening, my dad was on the ground fumbling for his glasses and brushing off the black dirt from his jeans. His arms were gushing with blood and his knee began to swell. A burly Greek man quickly rushed over and asked if we needed help – for €5.”

I think this pretty much summarized our eventful day in Santorini.

  1. If you are visiting Greece in the summertime, bring lots of sunscreen and water! This and Puerto Rico are by far the hottest countries I’ve visited. The museums and churches don’t provide air-conditioning, either. Because of the rural climate, there is a lot of walking up and down stairs. Exercise combined with heat is not the best condition to be in.
  2. Take the cable car instead of the footpath down to the docks. After climbing up a bunch of stairs to take photos, we ended up being very far from our cruise ship. We had the choice of waiting in a long line for a cable car or to walk down a donkey footpath. We took the wrong path; the cobblestone steps were super slippery even with sneakers; inexperienced tourist didn’t know how to properly ride donkeys; there was also a lot of donkey waste everywhere. As a result, my dad got knocked down by a herd of violent donkeys; luckily he didn’t break anything. This is a warning because the donkey owners don’t control the donkeys at all.

*Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures of donkeys because the donkeys also knocked out our camera.

  1. Wait to find a small, secluded shop rather than buy something in the streets full of vendors. Usually, the more crowded and packed shops inflate the prices of magnets and post-cards. If you go to a smaller shop located farther away, you’re likely to find the best deals.
  2. Lastly, enjoy the view! Santorini is noted for its tourism because of its white houses, blue domes, and blue Aegean Sea. All you need is one day to tour Santorini because of its small area.

Enjoy these photos I captured on my trip:

a beautiful sunset from the cruise ship


I hope this gave you some tips and tricks for your trip to Santorini!

Signing off,

Sheryl C. ❤

2015 Reflections

Now that it is officially 2016, I would like to dedicate this post to all of the wonderful opportunities, events, and experiences that occurred last year. Despite the positive outcomes as well as personal hardships, 2015 literally flew by and I’m excited for the new year!

In no particular order, besides the first:

  1. Most importantly, I started THIS lifestyle/fashion blog on exactly March 2, 2015! Creating my own platform has allowed me to create relationships with other AMAZING fashion PR bloggers (like you reading this), inspire readers with outfit and lifestyle posts, and learn about new, trendy brands of the fashion industry.
  2. In one of my blog posts, I mentioned how I wanted to explore and spend more time in Manhattan, since I live very close (in Brooklyn). Luckily, I did just that in the summer. I toured Columbia University, Barnard College, CUNY and NYU, some of my potential colleges. I also saw multiple shows: Sam Eaton’s The Quantum Eye, Matilda, The Lion King, and the Blue Man Group. Now, I am very familiar with the city from Battery Park to SoHo to Midtown to the Upper East Side.
  3. I’ve completed over 100 hours of community service. Serving my duty as a rightful citizen is very near and dear to my heart. I’m Vice President of my school’s Key Club, and my hours have piled up from volunteering with soup kitchens, health walks, and other non-profit organizations. I love giving back to the community and hope to later inspire others to do so as well.
  4. I was reached out by TRIANGL swimwear to receive one of their amazing neoprene bikinis to try.
  5. I became a Mirina Girls Brand Ambassador! They have an amazing jewelry line that is to die for.
  6. On December 15, 2015, I turned the sweet 16! Although I can’t drive in NYC until 17, it was fun to celebrate my birthday in the city with my friends.
  7. In September, I became a virtual high school intern with Her Campus Media! There, I write journalistic pieces that range in subject from editing, marketing, publicity, etc and communicate and connect with other bloggers.

Check out their website at: http://www.hercampus.com

8. As you know, I am an avid traveler (visited over 20 countries), so I was elated to travel to China for the Lunar New Year during spring break and northern Europe with my family this past summer. In China, I got to visit so many distant relatives and absorb myself in Chinese culture. In a short span of two weeks, we traveled to Great Britain, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland, and Sweden by plane, cruise ship, and many trains. I loved changing so many time zones and experiencing different cultures, food, architecture, and fashion. If you want to see photos, check out my Instagram @style.stargirl

9. Going along with that, I had my FIRST beer in Berlin (at age 15). It wasn’t that great though :/

  1. In March, I met Tavi Gevinson, who inspired me to start this blog. She started a successful fashion blog, and then moved onto feminist movements in her online magazine, Rookie Magazine. At age 19, she was featured in Teen Vogue for her growing teen fan base and influence.


11. Lastly, I’ve changed my style quite a bit. If you scroll down my Instagram, you could see that I used to wear a lot brighter preppy clothing that resembled a non-designer version of Blair Waldorf. After learning what colors best suit my skin tone and hair color, I toned down my color palette. Now, I would describe my style as “city chic”, preppy, and classic. I frequently wear grays, whites, cream, and jewel-toned colors (magenta, pink, green, navy), and shop at Zara, Urban Outfitters, J.Crew, Gap, Sheinside, and Forever 21.

I want to give a BIG thank you to everyone who has been riding along on my blogging journey. Thank you for reading, liking, and engaging in my blog posts. I wish you all a year full of love, health, and happiness!

Signing off,

Sheryl C. ❤