How I Edit My Instagram Photos (Tips + Tricks)

Happy November!

Fall is the perfect time to be playing with different themes because of the variety in weather. So today, I’ll be walking you through the steps I take to edit my Instagram feed (@style.stargirl). Nowadays, Instagram “themes” are super popular because they make a gallery of photos look cohesive in color scheme, brightness, subject, etc. It’s like the photos are in a “family” – for lack of a better word.

Some tips on taking the perfect photo:

1. Lighting is KEY! I always try to take my photos at around 3-4 PM, because the sun is not super harsh/shadowy but there is still enough light. This is great for OOTD pics, so people can see your outfit details clearly.

2. For OOTD pics, I always remind the photographer (Usually my mom) to take the photos from an angle like this:

photographer kneeling

Since I am fairly short, I want the photo to elongate my legs. With this angle, it appears as if I’m taller.

3. Choose a good background that won’t distract from the subject of the photo. Some people prefer a clean, white background but it’s also fun to choose interesting scenery to keep the feed looking colorful and lively.

Onto Editing!

My favorite apps to use are AfterLight, VscoCam, PhotoWonder, and Aviary:



This is what I primarily use to give my photos a rustic, bright, colorful theme. In Afterlight, I first clarify the photo to make my photos more HD. Then I increase the brightness and exposure to give my photos more light if needed. Finally, I add the filter, RUSS (located in the Guest tab) to give my photos a smooth but “rustic” feel.

For example:


2. VSCOcam

Vsco Cam

Sometimes, I’ll go into VSCOcam to upload the edited photo onto my grid. (You should go follow me @itssherylok).


If I’m not yet satisfied, I will increase the saturation and use the filter, A5 to give my photo a touch of cool tone.

3. PhotoWonder


If sometimes, I forget to tell my photographer to angle the camera, the photo ends up making me look really short and disproportionate. I’ll use the app PhotoWonder (which is free!). It comes with a lovely feature called, “Shape Leg” which lets you adjust the length of your legs.

IMG_7337 IMG_7348

4. Aviary


Lastly, I will use Aviary to add text on the photo. To trademark that the photo belongs to me, I’ll just add (@style.stargirl) in the corner.

And that’s it! My feed is by no means, perfect, but I love the process of taking and editing photos. Instagram is a really fun and easy way to express yourself, so don’t worry if you don’t have the “perfect theme” yet. Those were just a few tips to get you started.

my insta3 My insta my insta 2

Signing off,

Sheryl C. ❤

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