Five Fashion Favorites for Fall

As you know, fall season has just started, which means the leaves are changing colors, the layered, knit sweaters are out, and pumpkin spice lattes are in full effect. However, fall season is also the best time for fashionistas to show what they’ve got.
1. Floppy Hats

floppy hat 1 floppy hat 2

Whether you’re having a bad hair day or just feeling city chic, hats are a great way to show your unique style. Not only are there a range of different floppy hats, but they go great with almost every outfit.
2. Slip-on shoes

stylestargirl outfit
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Slip-On-Sneakers-Street-Style-Looks-and-Chic-Combinations-1 slip ons 2
If it’s not too cold where you live (It’s getting chilly in NYC), don’t rush to pull out your riding boots yet. Slip-on shoes are closed toed, so you can still stay warm. But they come in a variety to different styles, colors, and prices so you can match them with any outfit. While Vans are the most popular brand of slip-ons, Steve Madden, Dr. Scholl’s, and TopShop also carry different selections.

Black leather slip-ons can be paired with chic outfits, while cheetah print ones are fun to combine with a neutral outfit. The options are endless! When walking to class on a crisp fall day, just thank your slip-on shoes for being comfy, warm, and stylish!

3. Vests

style stargirl outfit 2
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fur vest
Puffer vests, denim vests, quilted vests, and shearling fur vests are some of the chicest ways to stay warm because they add an element of INTEREST. If you don’t want to hide your cute button-up top under a jacket, opt for a cute vest instead. Denim and sleeveless lapel vests can be worn in early fall as an accessory. But when the harsh winter approaches, quilted and fur vests will keep you toasty and glam.
When in doubt, just throw any of these vests on top of a plain long sleeve, and you’re good to go for the day!

4. Ankle Booties

style stargirl outfit 3
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ankle boots outfitfall outfit ankle boots

Like slip-on shoes, ankle boots are another alternative to tall, riding boots. Ankle boots are comfy, chic and oh so versatile. They can be paired with cute, quirky dresses in early fall and skinny jeans and a jacket later on in the season.
Also unlike taller boots, which can make you look stumpy and short, ankle boots (especially with a small heel) can make you appear taller and leaner.

5. Dark, berry lipstick

danielle marie fall lips
While peachy, pink lips are always in style year-round, fall is a time to experiment. I recommend trying different colored lipsticks, particularly sultry, darker shades. If you’re a bit modest with lip colors, applying it sheer also works!
What I recommend:
1) Apply a lip balm or scrub to moisturize and prep your lips for the lipstick
2) Dab the lipstick in the center or your lips
3) Add a clear gloss, and you’re done!

Fall is a great time to play around with your style, to mix and match different elements, and most importantly – to have fun! I hope these tips helped and inspired your fall style.

Signing Off,

Sheryl C. ❤

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