Blending up a Summer Bod!


Today, since it was a rainy and gloomy day, I couldn’t go on my daily run. Instead, I planned on staying in bed and watching Netflix. But something in me decided to be productive. Summer’s quickly arriving, and despite having track practice 5 days a week, my body is not in the best shape that it could be (probably because of all the pizza I eat to carboload). I’m going to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but that begins with small steps.

Today, that small step was whipping up a fruit/vegetable smoothie.


– 1 cup of chopped Pink Lady apples

– 1 cup of fresh strawberries

– 1 sliced banana

– a drizzle of freshly pressed orange juice

– a few leaves of romaine lettuce

– And ice cubes!

I’m really proud of how it came out, and I hope you guys try it too! ❤

Spring OOTD!

Preppy OOTD

Hey guys!

Since it’s starting to get warmer in NYC, I decided to post the first photo, this year, of an outfit NOT consisting of a winter coat and riding boots. Personally, I think this epitomizes the “preppy style” for less. The oxford gives off a professional, clean-cut look, but the Sperrys make the outfit more casual. Paired together really brings a nautical feel. I finished the look off with my Banana Republic Brown Leather Tote, which breaks up the blue and navy.

Blue Striped Oxford: Tommy Hilfiger


Wooldblend Peacoat: Old Navy/Gap

Similar Style:

Jeans: Hollister Co.

Boat Shoes: Sperry Topsiders

Brown Leather Tote: Banana Republic


Who needs a boyfriend when you have boyfriend jeans?

Hi everyone, this is my first fashion blog post so help support me.

Boyfriend jeans, when styled and chosen correctly, can be figure flattering and comfortable to wear.

Personally, I like wearing them with either a tighter fitting top or a flowy top — boyfriend jeans work with both. Boyfriend jeans add more interest and a modern  twist on your classic skinny jean. With the perfect cut and relaxed fit, they are a STAPLE to any girl’s wardrobe.

These jeans are from Zara

Some other examples are: